Korakrit Arunanondchai: Painting With History In A Room Filled 
With People With Funny Names 3

Fire + Water Animations

A fire simulation light was created for an RGB LED strip, simulating fire using digital combustion, heat diffusion, convection & cooling algorithms in one-dimension.  A flowing water simulation algorithm was also created, with non-repeating waves of various size, depth, and speed.  

Custom Fixtures

A pool was fitted with 40 underwater RGB lights and mapped with several different animation algorithms simulating “earth”, “air”, “fire”, “water”, and “energy”.  A jetskit was outfitted with sinusoidal chasing colors, and mannequins were given red LED eyes.  

Synapse + Elephant Trigger

Arunanondchai placed many images from his own memory in the space in the form of photographs, paintings, and objects.  We programmed a brain synapse algorithm to activate each memory as if the viewer was inside the mind of the artist.  One memory included a kinetic scupture of an elephant trunk that painted a canvas when activated.